Summoning Passion for an Unfinished Life

SEPTEMBER UNIVERSITY: Summoning Passion for an Unfinished Life
September University
Charles D. Hayes

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In 2029, the last of the baby-boom generation will turn 65. Numbering in the tens of millions, this age group clearly has the demographic muscle to renovate society. The movement is barely underway, but the dynamics of aging suggest profound social changes ahead: the search for meaning will intensify, the psychological effects of death and dying will be reexamined, the concept of legacy will be transformed, and the subject of economic justice will be reexamined.

September University as an idea is a metaphor for intellectual maturity. It represents an ambitious quest on behalf of posterity. September University, the book, is a call to action, a social forecast, and above all a passionate pronouncement that a bright future depends upon the experiential wisdom of aging citizens. The exploration within its pages has the potential to alter worldviews, heighten aspirations, and elicit reflections about each person's legacy. Readers have the opportunity to discover new ways to find meaning in the last few chapters of their lives.

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Praise for September University

"September University, by leading scholar and visionary Charles Hayes, is a superb intellectual achievement by any standards. With sweeping scope and remarkable depth of knowledge across numerous disciplines, Hayes addresses the totality of the human experience--along with neglected questions surrounding life, death, freedom, authenticity, and truth--as he paves the way for a genuinely mature future in which citizens discover new degrees of potency and thoughtfulness. Rather than shying away from idealism, September University sets out a bold and timely blueprint for a post-consumer consciousness that is more culturally aware, media literate, and politically astute. Hayes delves with electrifying intelligence into the nature of meaning, identity, and community as he weaves together a comprehensive philosophy that enables people to transcend evolutionary baggage, social indoctrination, and illusions of limitation. September University is one of the finest books in print when it comes to the wisdom and existential bearings required to survive the current age of insanity."

--John F. Schumaker, author of Happiness: Understanding an Endangered State of Mind,
Wings of Illusion and The Age of Insanity


"This is an important work. Wisdom evolves from real life experience and Charles Hayes has both. For those who aspire to a better world, this is a must read."

--Peter C. Whybrow, Director of the Semel Institute for Human Behavior at UCLA
and author,
American Mania: When More is Not Enough


"September University is a wonderful book. It is wise and passionate and can teach us all about the rare art of growing old."

--Sam Keen, philosopher and author of Faces of the Enemy


"It's not too late to make your mark on the world and enjoy a new level of fulfillment in your life. Charles Hayes will inspire you to muster the courage to do it."

--Jeff Schmidt, author of Disciplined Minds


"Engaging, convincing, and provocative. Given the collapse of the future most adults thought they had, and the involuntary mandate to shape a new one, September University calls those in the second half of life to step away from superficial things and commit to becoming wise guides for the generations that come after them."

--David L. Solie, MS, PA
Author, How to Say It to Seniors


"September University is the first philosophy integrating the university-without-walls and transformative learning - essential reading for learning in the 21st century".

--Daniel S. Janik, MD PhD, author of Unlock the Genius Within:
Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching, and Transformative Learning


"September University is a nourishing feast of a book, replete with reasons to discover new meaning and purpose in the last chapters of your life, to welcome those years as life's most precious gift -- an opportunity to cultivate wisdom and then put it to use in the world."

--Walter Truett Anderson, President Emeritus, World Academy of Art and Science



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