Strategies for Competent People without College Degrees.

Read Proving You're Qualified and:

  • Find a better job or get promoted--with or without a college degree.

  • Leapfrog ahead of coworkers with better credentials.

  • Know more about career advancement than your boss.

Proving You're Qualified
Proving You're Qualified
Charles D. Hayes

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Reviews and Comments:
"Deserves a place on the sociology shelf."
Library Journal
"An unusual, excellent approach to ensuring job security."
The Bookwatch
"For more than twenty years, I have been writing about the disparity between learning and credentials. I show people with skills but no credentials how to earn the degree that will open doors for them. Now comes the perfect complement to that work. Charles Hayes' wonderful Proving You're Qualified, shows people with skills but few credentials how to parlay their skills into employment and acceptance without benefit of degrees."
John Bear, Ph.D., author of Bear's Guide To Non-Traditional College Degrees.
"A superb editorial analysis of a basic part of an aging educational system that needs some radical changes. This book should be studied by all of those who accept responsibility as facilitators, assessors or credentialers of learning."
Urban Whitaker, Ph.D., author of Assessing Learning:
Standards, Principles and Procedures
"This is the wisest and most useful book I have ever read on this subject. Anyone smart enough to have gained knowledge and skills on their own will be able to get recognition and advancement using the powerful strategies offered by Charles Hayes."
Ronald Gross, author of Peak Learning and The Independent Scholar's Handbook.
"Proving You're Qualified is like a mystery novel. I couldn't put it down. It's a page turner so compelling you feel forced to write comments on the side of the pages as you go along. If you would like to have the confidence of a guide who has been there, and who can show the way to realize closure, this may be the most important book you ever read."
James R. Fisher, Jr., Ph.D., author of The Worker Alone! Going Against The Grain and
Work Without Managers: A View From The Trenches.
Proving You're QualifiedChapter One:
Changing the Focus to Outstanding Performance
Merit and achievement
Professionalism: Knowledge as a Franchise
Decredentialing Society
Chapter Two:
Understanding What You Are Up Against
The Dynamics of Pyramid Power
Times are Definitely Changing
Chapter Three:
Understanding Management
The Changing Face of Management
Individual Performance Reviews
Chapter Four:
Understanding Credentialing Methods
Guilds and Professional Associations
The Psychology of Commitment
Registration, Certification, Licensure
Grades, Testing, and Success
Chapter Five:
Who is Really Qualified?
Education and Credentials
Motivation and the Big Misunderstanding
Communication: The Universal Credential
Chapter Six:
Leverage, Options, and Choices
Self-Knowledge: The Greatest Leverage You Have
Capitalizing on Strengths
Learning with a Purpose
Chapter Seven:
Learning to Live with Change
The Nature of Change
The Future of Work
Chaos and the Future
Chapter Eight:
Me, Inc.
The Learning Organization and the Learning Individual
The Me, Inc., Philosophy
Changing Minds

Author Remarks

My writing has two objectives: the first is to help self-educated people with solid work experience earn more money and find satisfying work. The second is to help people realize that self-education is, in itself, a key to a richer, more satisfying life.

There are two types of people with valuable work experience, but no college degree. Those in the first group are forever apologizing about their lack of formal credentials. Those in the second group demonstrate their knowledge and experience through outstanding performance and render ridiculous any attempt to question their credentials. The first type of person lives a lifetime of regret. The second lives life to its fullest. The choice is yours.

Henry David Thoreau said most people live lives "of quiet desperation." This goes double for people who are insecure about their lack of formal education.

After more than thirty years of working in a wide range of occupations, I speak from practical experience. I am self-educated, I have no college credentials, and yet I have often been hired and promoted ahead of individuals with college degrees. I am retired from a major oil company, and yet, they still call me for special assignments.

College degrees often mean higher earning power. No doubt about it. But degrees are not more important than the knowledge they are supposed to represent. Today's economic reality will acknowledge learning--regardless of how it is acquired--if you know how to present yourself.



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