The 21st Century Credential

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Training Yourself: The 21st Century Credential
Training Yourself:
The 21st Century Credential
Charles D. Hayes

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Reviews and Comments: 

"Truly a handbook for thriving at work in the New Economy. Every worker, manager, and professional will find this manual inspiring, and immensely serviceable. Hayes tells us what we must do and how to do it."

Ronald Gross, Chair, University Seminar on Innovation, Columbia University

"If I were a CEO or manager, I'd buy a copy for every one of my employees, and I'd expect to see a huge increase in motivation and performance."

Shel Horowitz, author of Grassroots Marketing and several other business books

"For those who take it seriously, Hayes' little book will yield a far greater return on investment than the highest-flying stock."

Lewis J. Perelman, author of School's Out

"This new book by Charles Hayes sent a chill up my spine. It made me realize how far we've traveled in 100 years. Just as the twentieth century wiped out jobs for millions of horses, the next century will wipe out jobs for the undereducated.... Hayes challenges readers to be prepared, in control, and focused on making the most of their talents....You may read this book in a single sitting, but you will come back to it again and again, because the author is an empathetic counselor who has been there. You will sense that he wants the best for you more than you do yourself."

James R. Fisher, Jr., author of Six Silent Killers: Management's Greatest Challenge

"This 90-page, shirt pocket-size volume provides a good blueprint for lifelong learning, written with a positive yet realistic attitude, for use at work and for developing good citizenry. More people should take charge of their lives and talents. This little book may be the brief introduction that the school-benumbed will be willing to read and benefit from." 

Tom Bowden, Managing Editor of Tech Directions 


Training Yourself: The 21st Century CredentialTable of Contents

Seize the Initiative
Education as Something You Take 
Understand Workplace Knowledge
 Learn How You Learn 
 Capitalize on Strengths 
 Show Interest in Your Work
 Build Your Own Resource Bank 
 Look to the Future
 Expect Change 
 Meet Your Objectives 
 Read More Books 


Read More Books:

The following  books, linked web sites and resource materials are recommended reading as a follow up to Training Yourself. 

William Bridges, Jobshift 

Richard Nelson Bolles, The Three Boxes of Life  

Tom Brown, The Anatomy of Fire, and Fiscal Fairy Tales and www.mgeneral.com 

Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People 

Randall Collins, The Credential Society  

William Draves, How to Teach Adults and www.lern.org 

Peter F. Drucker, Management Challenges for the 21st Century 

James R. Fisher, Jr., Six Silent Killers: Managements Greatest Challenge
and The Worker Alone 

Ronald Gross, Peak Learning and The Independent Scholar's Handbook,
and www.Lifelong.com  

Charles Handy, The Age of Unreason 

Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy  

Paul Krugman, The Age of Diminished Expectations  

John Naisbitt , High Tech, High Touch: Technology and Our Search for Meaning  

Lewis J. Perelman, School's Out: Hyperlearning, the New Technology,
and the End of Education 

Tom Peters, The Circle of Innovation 

Robert B. Reich, The Work of Nations 

Jeremy Rifkin, The End of Work 

Andrew Shapiro, The Control Revolution 

Peter M. Senge, The Fifth Discipline 

Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave 

Lester C. Thurow, The Future of Capitalism  

Saul Wurman, Information Anxiety 




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